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Links of Interest

Some Internet Sites of Interest

The following reference links and calculators will provide you with useful information. Any computations you arrive at with these sources should be considered rough estimates. If you are looking for numbers you can rely on, please call us for assistance.

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We caution you: do not enter into any agreement or purchase anything via the Internet until you and your advisors are satisfied that you are getting what you are paying for.

We do not endorse any business or product you may find as a result of these links.

Each link will open a new browser window.

Government and Political Sites:
Social Security Administration
Small Business Administration
Internal Revenue Service
Official site for U.S. government information
US Congress on the Internet - legislative information

Vote smart - political topics plus status of current legislation

Reference Material and Lookup Sites:
WhoWhere? Yellow Pages Search - search for individuals or businesses by city, by state, by name
Zip code lookup - use any address
Official US time by zones
Free Trip - how to get there
Webster's - dictionary and a thesaurus
The ultimate reference desk - You can search the reference desk topics by keyword or table of contents.
Measurement converter - how many centimeters in an inch and numerous other conversions
Currency converter - any country to any other country
- for almost any job under the sun
College Financial Aid Helper
Section 529 College Savings Plans

General sites:
Ticketmaster - which events interest you?
Real estate listings - nationwide

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